Sadhana Code

┬áThis page is from an advanced healing system called “The Quantum Matrix Code”.
You can use Muscle Testing to determine what spiritual practice will be best for you.
When you are centered and ready begin. You may want to use the opening protocol on the bottom of this page using your muscle testing skills to clear your energy for a reading and get ready. Then ask, “Is there a spiritual practice that will be best for me today?” If you get a Yes answer, then ask, “Is it on the left side? Or the right side? Is it number ____? (1 through 30)

When you receive your answer, try that practice for 3 days to see if it is a fit. After that, try another one by asking again, from the top.

You can also see what your Aura Color is at any time with the other part of this chart. For more information on the Quantum Matrix Code healing system or the Sadhana Code, please feel free to contact me for questions or a personal session.